Gonna be completely honest here. I’m deciding if I should abandon this and my two other Degrassi blogs (aislinn-clare & eli—munro) or not. I’m not as interested in Degrassi as I was before.


this is goodbye for now? maybe? i mean, i won’t be completely gone. i still have my personal. if you’re interested in other things besides Degrassi, you can follow my personal. Multi-fandom blog. Yup…

I completely understand if you have the need to unfollow me.

just a heads up, i’m on hiatus.

school is currently my main focus right now.

i need to pass my classes so i can graduate, get my associates degree, and transfer on time. hahaha.

if you want to discuss anything degrassi with me or just talk and make a new friend, just leave me an ask on my personal.